How to Stop Cat Aggression After a Vet Visit

Cats are usually out of sorts and ornery after a trip to the veterinarian. Learn how to stop cat aggression by planning ahead with these tips.

Reasons for Aggression Between Cats and How to Stop It

Fights and other types of intercat aggression may occur in homes with two or more cats. Learn the most likely causes and 10 ways you can stop it.

Reasons Why Kittens Are Aggressive and How to Stop It

All cats need to play to stay mentally healthy, but sometimes their play gets too aggressive. Learn how to spot and curb aggressive play in kittens.

Understanding Cat Aggression or Hyperesthesia

Refer to this cat aggression article about hyperesthesia in cats to learn about cat attacks. This article explains what causes cat aggression.

How to Train Your Cat to Eliminate Fear Aggression

Fear aggression can be a serious issue in some felines. Learn about cat aggression, how to prevent cat attacks, and how to soothe fear aggression.

How to Train Your Queen Cat to Avoid Aggression

Mother cat aggression is normal. Learn all about how to deal with the queen protecting kittens and how to diffuse cat aggression around kittens.

How to Stop Petting Aggression in Cats

You start petting your cat, it enjoys the attention, and then it suddenly attacks you. Learn the signs of petting aggression and how to stop it.

How to Stop Cats From Biting and Scratching

Cats learn to bite and scratch as kittens and may need to be retrained when they grow older. These behaviors can be changed with time and patience.

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