Recipe: Doggone Easy Snow Cones &ndash

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The dog days of summer may be over, but if you and your dog are still trying to beat the heat, we’ve got the perfect treat to help your pup cool down. Even if you don’t have a snow cone maker, a blender or even just crushed ice from your fridge will work.

Doggone Easy Snow Cones Ingredients

Crushed Ice
½ cup of your dog’s favorite fruit or veggie
Low-sodium chicken stock or water

Doggone Easy Snow Cones Directions

1 Use the blender to puree your dog-friendly fresh or frozen fruit or veggies. If using veggies, make sure they are cooked first. For the best looking snow cone, think colors — like raspberries, watermelon, carrots, pumpkins or peas.

2 Add chicken stock or water to your puree to thin the mixture. Add just a little bit at a time, as this will vary based on the type of fruit you’re using. Make thin enough to pour but thick enough that your dog will get some of the fruit and veggie goodness.

3 Crush the ice using a snow cone machine or blender. A snow cone machine will give you the most traditional powdered ice, but I promise your dog won’t mind a little bit of crunch if you don’t have one.

4 Pack the ice into a cup or bowl and pour topping over the ice.


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